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City Fit 2016

City Fit, Meridian Health Services' new annual event in Richmond, brought together dozens of community partners Saturday to promote physical, mental and social well being.

"We're here to promote healthy living," said Patrick Ripberger, operations coordinator of children's services for Meridian Health Services. "We have booths representing dozens of groups in town, all with a central mission to teach our community how to be healthy and stay active."

The event started four years ago but stalled last year in search of a new lead sponsor. Meridian took on that role and expects to help grow the event each year. Besides the color run, activities included Zumba, roller-skating, Yoga and basketball free throws.

"We want to be able to do these kinds of events in each community we're in," said Gerry Cyranowski, vice president of adult clinical services for Meridian. "Richmond now represents our second largest location, offering a full spectrum of services from medical care to behavioral health services to mental wellness services."

Despite a steady rain early in the day, runners turned out in number for the Wayne County 4-H Color Run at the Glen Miller golf course. Booths set up across the lawn promoted wellness and provided blood-pressure checks.

Thank You to Our Local Partners & Sponsors

Partners in City Fit included Reid Health, Richmond Family YMCA, Richmond Parks and Recreation, the Boys & Girls Clun of Wayne County, Family Fitness Works and Heartfulness Meditation, along with sponsors Centerstone of Indiana, McDonald's, Meijer, Lindsey Rush Photography and VanVleet Insurance Agency.

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