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Thanks for joining us in Hartford City!

Saturday, June 17, 2017
Hartford City Wesleyan Church
11 am - 2 pm

The Project SAFE mission is to raise awareness of the dangers related to substance abuse and educate and encourage children to make positive choices. The even will consist of vendor booths with giveaways and educational materials, speakers, food, drinks, bounce house, carnival games, and door prizes.

Project SAFE (Substance Abuse Family Education) was a first time event created by our staff in Jay County to address the epidemic of teen drug abuse and opiate addictions. Thank you to all who put in time and effort into creating an event geared towards raising awareness of the dangers related to substance abuse and providing education to families on ways to encourage their children to make positive, healthy choices! Great job to everyone involved and providing the Meridian leadership addressing the addiction issues in your community. 

Our Meridian Health and MeridianMD offices partner with many community organizations, including Jay County Hospital, Portland Police Department, Jay County Drug Prevention Coalition, Health Department, A Better Way and many more to provide education and activities geared towards substance prevention. 

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