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A Family Reunited

Aug 13

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Monday, August 13, 2012  RssIcon

Kyle Wire is a teen with autism and challenging family issues. His parents were divorced and he lived with his mother. A couple of years ago, Kyle’s mom was stricken with a physical illness and had to enter a nursing home. What would happen to Kylewhile his mom was recovering?

For a time, Kyle’s older sister took him in, but that ended in adisagreement. Kyle’s father was working in Michigan, so that was not an option. Kyle had previously been a Meridian Health Services’ Connxxions client and in this difficult situation, Meridian would be able to help Kyle again.

This time, Kyle’s care was supported by Meridian’s FosterHope program. Kyle would live with a special foster family until his mother recovered her health.


Sherry is a special education teacher, they were drawn to children with special needs. Kyle was the first child FosterHope placed with the couple. “I can’t say it was easy,” Sherry said of dealing with an autistic teen with anger issues.

A turning point occurred when Joe and Sherry took in two younger children to adopt. Mostly on his own, Kyle assumed the role of big brother, policing his behavior for the younger children.

“Living with the Saunders family, in my opinion, has been wonderful for Kyle,” said Amy Neff, Kyle’s therapist through FosterHope. “They provided that structure, that safety, that love and nurturing that he really needed at that time. And I tell you, it really seemed to help him blossom.”

Kyle’s mother, Kelli, agrees. “Kyle seems more mature,” she said. 

“He doesn’t seem to get as upset or angry.” Kelli credits Amy Neff, Michelle Keller and others with FosterHope for orchestrating the change.

“While I was trying to regain my health, the one thing I didn’t feel like I had to worry about was Kyle. I knew that he was being taken care of,” Kelli said.


In May 2012, Kyle was reunited with his family. His mom regained her health and his dad, Mark, returned to the home.

“I would recommend Meridian Health Services because they have talented individuals who are very dedicated at making things work out for these children,” said Mark.

FosterHope is a special program that can truly make a difference in the life of a child with special needs.


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