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Integrated care benefits children who need special care and special families

Aug 13

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Monday, August 13, 2012  RssIcon

Mary Grey

Amy Neff


FosterHope, a division of Meridian Health Services, is one of the few foster programs in Indiana that specializes in the needs of children with behavioral issues. Meridian identifies and trains special families to provide therapeutic care with the hope of reuniting children with their families.

FosterHope provides each child and family with a connection to integrated care that addresses each child's variety of needs and coordinates care.

Mary Grey, a foster licensing and adoption specialist for FosterHope, takes great pride in the FosterHope program because it has a variety of supports that other agencies don’t offer. She specifically refers to Meridian’s emphasis on “whole person” health.

“We have psychiatrists. We have therapists. We have case managers. We have crisis intervention, a 24-hour service for  emergencies. We also have MeridianMD with doctors who address a child’s physical health needs.”

Echoing those sentiments is Grey’s colleague, Amy Neff, a therapist with Meridian. “I feel very strongly that the collaboration within Meridian Health Services, within the different departments, has helped all of our clients,” Neff said. “I’ve worked at other community health agencies, and you just don’t see that level of collaboration.”

Call 866-590-8220 to learn more about becoming a FosterHope parent and providing special care to special children.

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