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Prescription for happiness

Aug 24

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Friday, August 24, 2012  RssIcon

His grandfather was a scientist. He graduated from medical school and is a board-certified psychiatrist for Meridian Health Services. He has many cousins that are medical doctors. Two of his children may also become physicians.

Yet the most important lessons and timeless truths for Dr. Sarfraz Khan didn’t come from higher education. They came from his mother during his formative years living in Pakistan.

Be kind. Help people. Remember how important family is.

“She was always the one,” Khan said of his mother, Masheeda. “She always taught me the importance of being kind.”

The importance of family is also everpresent for Dr. Khan, who credits his wife, Amber, for helping him live his medical dreams.

“My wife always supported me in whatever I did,” he said. “She never raised an eyebrow if I had to stay late to take care
of patients.”

As the medical director and vice president of medical affairs for Meridian Health Services, Khan combines these simple
truths with the ever evolving complexity of medicine to help thousands of East Central Indiana residents. His philosophy is
fitting for a health organization that strives to treat “the whole person” and integrate all aspects of health care under one
umbrella – the physical, mental and social well-being.

Officials with Meridian Health Services say Khan’s multifaceted skill set makes him valuable in his role as medical director, since he has experience in both primary family medical care and psychiatry.

Khan is grateful for the opportunity he has at Meridian Health Services.

“For me, Meridian is not a job, it is a way of life,” Khan said. “It is consistent with the way I see things. It is living a life one
would like to live and helping people in every facet of health.” For Khan, the disintegration of the family unit is as troubling
as the cough that won’t go away.

“I believe the most important thing in any country is family life,” Khan said. “I worked in rural Iowa for a time and found that the family system was intact more in these areas than in larger populated areas. In most situations, the family pulled together when times were bad.”

A dream come true for Dr. Khan – who is also the Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry of Indiana University Health
Ball Memorial Hospital – would be a day when families routinely had dinner together again; when neighbors actually knew each other and worked together; and when the drug problems that have afflicted so many youth would finally be held in check.

The prescription for happiness from Dr. Khan? He finds it when his patients come to him and say they are feeling better. And he finds it waiting for him at home in the smiling faces of his children.

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