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Staff profile: Hank Milius

Aug 27

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Saturday, August 27, 2011  RssIcon

Hank Milius has been president and CEO of Meridian Services for almost exactly 10 years, but hadn’t stopped to think about when the precise anniversary might be.

In his 25-30 years as a top administrator for mental health facilities, Milius has worked in Chicago, Michigan, Missouri and Alabama before coming to Indiana.

“I’ve been able to see samplings of our industry in various states,” Milius said. “Indiana is by far the best overall and I’ve been fortunate to work with Meridian which in my experience has been the best organization to work for.”

Milius said the influence of Eli Lilly & Co, Indiana University Health and other leaders in the biotechnology field have benefitted Indiana health care centers like Meridian.

Though Meridian has grown exponentially during his tenure, Milius gives the credit to his staff and the legacy left to him by his predecessor, Dr. Suzanne Gresham, who retired. He plays down his own accomplishments, saying “I hired a great staff; that’s what I did.”

The idea for the Fun Fair, Milius said, came from the staff. “I was smart enough to say, oh sure go ahead.”

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