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M Magazine's "Top Docs" Features Meridian Services

Feb 1

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012  RssIcon

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Featured in M Magazine's Top Docs 

Meridian Health Services is celebrating 35 years of service in behavioral health by “renewing lives with compassionate care."

Believing that total health means a balance of mental, physical and social well-being is one of Meridian’s many goals, according to Medical Director, Dr. Sarfraz Khan.

Meridian Health Services is a regional specialty healthcare organization that provides “whole-person” healthcare integrating physical, mental, and social well-being of an individual. They offer a well-rounded range of services for people of all ages and health needs including, medical care, psychiatric care, children’s services, rehabilitation, support groups and counseling along with specialized programs for persons dealing with addictions, family challenges, abuse, homelessness, HIV, mental illness, developmental disabilities and other issues.

Simply, Meridian helps people cope and gives families hope to help them make the most of their lives.

Meridian Health Services’ primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, and licensed clinical social workers, go beyond the boundaries of traditional health care to accomplish just that. Meridian prides itself on its innovative health care integration whereby primary care physicians and psychiatrists adopt a team approach in treating patients, from children to seniors

“People with mental health issues have 25 years less life expectancy nationwide,” reports Brian Donley, Medical Services Vice President. Lacking a primary care physician is one obstacle to a person’s complete health. Meridian Health Services is on the cutting edge of integrating primary care into behavioral health. Treating the body and the mind goes hand in hand, stresses Donley, not to mention programs and counseling for family members is also an integral part of a patient’s recovery process.

A prime example of the above type of total health integration involved an athlete who was suffering from fainting spells, severe headaches and anxiety attacks, according to Beth Meyer-Clark, Marketing Director for Meridian.

“Thankfully, with the combined care of both a primary care physician and a therapist they were able to diagnosis his problem, which had gone unresolved by many other health clinics. Treating the whole person versus the body or mind independently, they were able to help heal the young man,” she said.

Accredited by the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addictions, Meridian offers a wide spectrum of services to meet nearly every health care need.

From The Suzanne Gresham Center and Connxxions to Geriatrics and Senior Adult Services, Meridian strives to “touch each individual who enters through our doors,” said Khan.

For example, their Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program is an intensive program with daily contact that allows patients to live in their own homes in which services are provided, as opposed to hospitalization.

Take a look at Meridian Health Services’ website to get a real feel for all that they are accomplishing in East Central Indiana, Meridian not only strives for healthy individuals but for a healthy community in which everyone can lead a quality life.

Events such as the Suzanne Gresham Center Fun Fair, “We Have a Voice” Child Abuse Awareness Walk, and Rialzo I and II illustrate Meridian’s role in the community and raise needed monies for increased and better services for the community.

“Meridian is so much more than a behavioral health provider” said Hank A. Milius, President/CEO Meridian Health Services. “Over the years we have evolved into a regional, community health and human services organization. ”Making a conscious effort to expand “outside of the traditional box” Milius knows that Meridian’s possibilities are endless.

A collaboration of inpatient care between Meridian and Indiana University Ball Memorial Hospital has proved vital to expanded patient services and quality of care.

“We have changed the way we think of ourselves,” he said. “And we want to change how others view us.

”With a competent and caring staff that numbers over 500, undoubtedly Meridian will continue to meet East Central Indiana’s needs by exploring new treatment programs and providing quality, sustainable care for many years to come.

                                                                                                                                                        — Alyson Madsen.


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