Saturday, August 25, 2018

10 am - 1 pm
2 Events, 1 Great Day!

FamFest46 DSC_1754 DSC_1829 FamFest98 DSC_1782 FamFest109 DSC_2136 DSC_1783 DSC_1954 DSC_2190 FamFest132 DSC_1813 FamFest48 DSC_1736 DSC_1970 DSC_2232 FamFest167 DSC_1781 DSC_2333 DSC_2022 DSC_2091 FamFest45 DuckRace11 DSC_1799 DSC_1716 DSC_1933 DSC_1709 DSC_1866 DSC_1966 DSC_2019 DSC_1731 DSC_1937 DSC_2125 FamFest180 FamFest138 FamFest177 DSC_1850 DuckRace10 FamFest71 DSC_1960 FamFest12 DSC_2230 DSC_1730 DSC_2097 DSC_1866 DSC_2124 DSC_1992 FamFest186 FamFest141 DSC_2143 DSC_1747 FamFest63 DSC_2306 DSC_2043 DSC_1792 DSC_1718 DSC_2162 DSC_1702 FamFest83 FamFest111 FamFest96 DSC_1965 FamFest87 FamFest162 DSC_2138 FamFest03 FamFest45 FamFest59 DSC_1815 DSC_1994 DSC_2025 DSC_2063 DSC_2026 DSC_2007 FamFest02 FamFest137 FamFest19 DSC_1944 FamFest165 DuckRace01 FamFest173 DSC_1702 DSC_1959 FamFest107 DSC_1942 DSC_1961 FamFest17 DSC_1755 FamFest119 FamFest138 DSC_2267 DSC_1805 FamFest82 FamFest149 DSC_2141 DSC_2110 FamFest08 DSC_1769 FamFest159 DSC_2270 FamFest20 DSC_2249 FamFest100 DuckRace03 DSC_1789 FamFest32 DSC_2154 DSC_1952 FamFest21 DSC_1889 DSC_2016 DSC_1895 DSC_1747 DSC_1870 FamFest123 FamFest72 FamFest184 FamFest171 FamFest27 DSC_1815 FamFest174 DuckRace25 FamFest121 DSC_1923 FamFest51 DSC_1846 DSC_2262 DSC_2102 FamFest97 DSC_1931 DSC_1888 DSC_2334 DSC_2010 DSC_2131 FamFest133 DSC_2167 DSC_1853 DuckRace18 FamFest39 DSC_2268 FamFest93 DSC_2117 DSC_2077 FamFest02 DSC_2345 DSC_2024 DSC_1752 DuckRace02 DSC_1733 DuckRace20 DSC_2118 FamFest24 DSC_2105 FamFest75 DSC_2312 DSC_1716 DuckRace08 DSC_2360 FamFest108 FamFest162 DSC_1848 DSC_1735 DSC_2123 DSC_2151 FamFest173 FamFest42 FamFest135 DuckRace18 DSC_1983 DSC_2129 DuckRace01 DSC_2041 DSC_1925 DSC_1845 DSC_2029 DSC_2302 DSC_1987 DSC_1894 DuckRace24 DSC_2136 DSC_1763 FamFest149 DSC_2069 DSC_1853 FamFest91 DSC_2263 DSC_1850 DSC_2238 FamFest117 FamFest116 FamFest88 DSC_2323 FamFest67 FamFest70 DSC_2065 FamFest58 FamFest182 FamFest139 FamFest07 FamFest101 DSC_2113 DSC_2109 DSC_2009 DSC_2358 DSC_1706 DSC_1740 DSC_2169 DSC_1891 DSC_2149 FamFest183 FamFest49 DSC_2102 FamFest157 DSC_2101 FamFest100 DSC_1947 FamFest18 DSC_1901 DSC_2367 DSC_2163 DSC_2281 DSC_2098 FamFest61 DSC_2100 DSC_2329 DSC_1707 DSC_2289 DSC_2178 FamFest90 DSC_2315 DSC_2320 DSC_2069 DSC_2289 FamFest66 DSC_1706 FamFest09 DSC_2360 FamFest52 DSC_1813 FamFest62 DSC_1736 FamFest172 DSC_1744 FamFest116 DSC_1786 DSC_2131 DuckRace12 DSC_2070 FamFest152 DSC_1750 DSC_1742 FamFest57 DSC_1996 DSC_1892 DSC_2000 DSC_1703 DuckRace21 FamFest136 DSC_1720 DSC_1711 DSC_2231 FamFest184 DSC_2089 FamFest124 DSC_2115 DSC_2073 FamFest90 DSC_1801 DSC_2089 DSC_1803 FamFest04 FamFest170 DSC_1742 FamFest107 DSC_2107 DSC_2304 DSC_2024 FamFest123 DSC_1956 DSC_1805 DSC_2081 DSC_1822 DSC_2273 FamFest40 DSC_2182 FamFest61 DSC_1743 DSC_2019 DSC_2212 DSC_1712 DSC_1711 FamFest16 FamFest35 DSC_1807 DSC_1923 DSC_1751 DSC_2342 DSC_1817 DSC_2130 FamFest53 DSC_2334 DSC_2222 FamFest161 FamFest64 DSC_2109 DSC_1782 FamFest20 DSC_2143 FamFest86 FamFest42 FamFest11 FamFest49 DuckRace09 FamFest104 DSC_2364 DSC_2009 DSC_2162 DuckRace16 DSC_2095 DuckRace14 DSC_2014 DSC_2248 DuckRace05 DSC_2077 DSC_1804 FamFest179 DSC_1900 FamFest132 DSC_2345 DSC_2021 FamFest164 DSC_1822 DSC_2144 DSC_2268 DSC_2326 FamFest129 DSC_1872 FamFest54 DSC_2020 DSC_2054 DSC_1761 DSC_2364 DSC_2249 FamFest65 DSC_2023 DSC_1950 DSC_1741 FamFest119 DSC_2304 FamFest142 DuckRace02 FamFest160 FamFest67 FamFest88 DSC_2140 DSC_1743 FamFest96 DSC_2355 DuckRace12 DSC_2125 FamFest127 FamFest65 FamFest113 DSC_2155 FamFest73 DSC_2200 DSC_1958 DSC_1771 DSC_1980 FamFest28 DSC_1789 FamFest12 DSC_2006 DSC_1738 DSC_2266 FamFest27 FamFest187 FamFest129 DSC_1745 FamFest124 FamFest142 DSC_2020 DSC_2028 FamFest15 FamFest39 DSC_1710 DSC_2121 DuckRace16 DSC_1771 DSC_2224 DSC_1739 DSC_2368 DSC_1810 FamFest126 DSC_2145 DSC_2018 FamFest55 DSC_1758 FamFest180 FamFest97 FamFest165 FamFest167 DSC_2306 FamFest93 FamFest82 FamFest148 DuckRace13 FamFest33 DSC_1950 FamFest33 DSC_1752 FamFest169 DSC_2269 FamFest44 DSC_2224 DSC_2281 DSC_2130 DSC_1857 FamFest38 FamFest38 DSC_1768 DuckRace22 FamFest181 FamFest59 DuckRace20 DSC_2248 DSC_2238 DSC_2104 DSC_2312 DSC_1881 FamFest159 FamFest147 FamFest137 DSC_1920 FamFest133 FamFest158 FamFest56 DSC_2194 FamFest113 FamFest89 DSC_2043 FamFest23 DSC_2067 DSC_2057 DSC_2081 DSC_1762 DSC_1746 DSC_2099 DSC_2023 FamFest140 FamFest110 DSC_2275 DSC_2027 DSC_1900 FamFest28 DSC_1952 FamFest174 FamFest70 DSC_1872 DSC_1933 DSC_2045 DSC_1848 DSC_1801 DSC_1722 FamFest60 DSC_1797 DSC_1740 DSC_1951 FamFest99 DSC_2301 FamFest81 FamFest152 DSC_1965 FamFest126 DSC_2054 DSC_2057 DSC_1937 DuckRace07 DSC_2071 DSC_2282 DSC_2123 DSC_1799 DSC_1735 DuckRace22 DSC_2032 DSC_2075 DSC_2353 FamFest01 DSC_2263 DSC_2367 FamFest178 FamFest170 DSC_2010 DSC_2359 DSC_2099 DSC_1830 DSC_2320 DSC_1972 DSC_2358 DSC_1992 DSC_1724 FamFest83 DSC_2279 FamFest77 DSC_1792 FamFest168 DSC_1890 DSC_2149 FamFest136 DSC_2045 DSC_1707 DSC_2079 DSC_2127 DuckRace19 FamFest104 DSC_1951 DSC_1797 DSC_2192 FamFest34 DSC_2006 DSC_2254 DSC_2128 FamFest79 DSC_1856 DSC_2363 FamFest95 DuckRace08 FamFest22 DSC_2214 DSC_1830 FamFest103 FamFest172 DSC_1701 DSC_1750 DSC_2235 FamFest05 DSC_2324 DSC_1901 DSC_2236 DSC_2041 DSC_1807 DSC_1871 FamFest57 DSC_1835 DuckRace04 DuckRace13 DSC_2228 FamFest15 FamFest68 DSC_1861 DSC_1733 DSC_1774 DSC_2356 DSC_1892 FamFest77 DuckRace17 DSC_1717 DSC_2007 DSC_1889 DSC_1928 DSC_2055 DSC_2323 FamFest156 FamFest41 DSC_2232 DSC_1722 DSC_2000 DSC_2067 DSC_1796 DSC_1864 FamFest34 FamFest130 FamFest164 DSC_2076 DSC_1871 DSC_2095 DuckRace09 DuckRace06 DuckRace11 FamFest161 DSC_2022 FamFest155 FamFest125 DSC_1986 DSC_1793 FamFest47 DSC_2105 FamFest87 DSC_1979 FamFest143 DuckRace25 DSC_1881 DSC_1710 DSC_1913 DSC_1734 DSC_2342 DSC_1913 DSC_1715 FamFest16 DSC_2328 DSC_1986 DSC_1794 DSC_2363 FamFest08 DSC_2184 DSC_1806 DSC_1806 DSC_1931 DSC_1724 DSC_2124 DSC_1704 DSC_2156 FamFest48 DSC_1930 FamFest185 DSC_2133 FamFest14 DuckRace21 FamFest07 FamFest84 FamFest31 DSC_2302 DSC_1759 DSC_1875 DSC_2250 DSC_2156 FamFest115 FamFest36 DSC_1996 DuckRace19 DSC_1800 DSC_2353 FamFest154 DSC_1760 FamFest30 DSC_1895 DSC_2107 DSC_1970 FamFest89 FamFest186 FamFest05 DSC_1796 FamFest74 FamFest140 FamFest144 DSC_1920 DSC_2270 FamFest60 DSC_1972 FamFest06 FamFest179 DSC_2332 DSC_2138 FamFest158 FamFest118 FamFest52 DSC_1758 DSC_2063 DSC_1812 DSC_1709 DSC_1947 DSC_2134 FamFest156 DSC_2168 DSC_1944 DSC_2117 DSC_2239 FamFest03 DSC_2359 FamFest63 DSC_1701 DSC_2094 FamFest79 FamFest04 DSC_1776 DSC_2272 FamFest106 DSC_1831 DSC_2003 DSC_1930 FamFest166 DSC_1783 DSC_2129 FamFest25 FamFest01 DSC_2278 DSC_1847 FamFest178 DSC_1856 FamFest153 DSC_1785 DSC_1703 DSC_1809 FamFest84 FamFest41 DSC_1918 DSC_1890 DSC_2029 FamFest22 DSC_2141 FamFest35 FamFest114 DSC_1824 DSC_2235 DuckRace03 DSC_2324 FamFest75 FamFest55 FamFest94 DSC_2033 FamFest147 FamFest148 DSC_1738 FamFest102 DSC_1739 DSC_1803 FamFest163 DSC_1932 FamFest71 FamFest36 DSC_1896 DSC_2269 DSC_2115 FamFest24 DuckRace15 DSC_1720 DSC_1888 FamFest177 FamFest157 FamFest128 DSC_2025 DSC_2195 DSC_2151 FamFest112 DSC_2267 DSC_1751 FamFest163 FamFest135 DSC_1715 DSC_1754 FamFest66 DSC_2100 DSC_1875 FamFest92 FamFest185 DSC_1851 FamFest154 DSC_1956 FamFest69 DSC_2299 DSC_1925 FamFest160 DSC_2266 FamFest169 DSC_1918 DSC_1857 DSC_2155 DSC_2194 FamFest99 DuckRace07 DSC_2032 FamFest73 FamFest95 FamFest120 DSC_1728 DSC_2145 DSC_2167 DSC_1864 DSC_1958 FamFest181 DSC_1846 DSC_1744 DSC_1882 FamFest31 FamFest143 FamFest51 DSC_2021 DuckRace10 FamFest19 DSC_2169 DSC_1731 FamFest150 DSC_1879 DSC_2076 DuckRace23 DSC_2073 FamFest150 DSC_2222 DuckRace14 DSC_2033 DSC_2369 DSC_2168 DSC_1755 DSC_2108 FamFest13 FamFest175 DSC_2328 DSC_1953 FamFest69 DSC_2262 FamFest68 FamFest32 FamFest175 FamFest76 DSC_2018 DSC_1879 FamFest18 FamFest64 DSC_1708 DSC_2128 FamFest80 FamFest109 FamFest102 DSC_2079 DSC_2239 DSC_2098 DSC_2338 DSC_2074 DSC_1896 DSC_2338 DSC_2190 FamFest151 DSC_2299 FamFest139 DSC_1994 FamFest14 FamFest182 FamFest91 DSC_1746 FamFest183 DSC_1810 DSC_1748 FamFest98 DSC_1784 FamFest47 DSC_1987 DSC_1714 DSC_2182 DSC_1762 DSC_2121 FamFest21 DSC_1812 DSC_2231 DSC_1845 DSC_2332 FamFest120 DuckRace06 FamFest44 FamFest131 DSC_1961 DSC_2094 DSC_1932 DSC_1768 DSC_1832 DSC_1784 FamFest78 DSC_1831 DSC_1759 DSC_2172 FamFest43 DSC_1960 DSC_1719 FamFest56 DSC_1786 DSC_1979 FamFest53 DSC_1719 FamFest72 FamFest11 DSC_1954 DSC_2250 DSC_1778 DSC_2110 FamFest130 DSC_1778 DSC_2113 DSC_2277 DSC_2178 DSC_2154 DSC_2254 DSC_1769 DSC_2027 FamFest131 FamFest46 FamFest37 DSC_1728 DSC_1714 FamFest54 DSC_1829 DSC_1704 DSC_1919 DSC_1708 DSC_1774 DSC_2163 DSC_1905 FamFest37 DSC_2134 DSC_2205 FamFest122 FamFest115 FamFest122 DSC_1785 DSC_1770 FamFest40 FamFest94 DSC_1999 FamFest176 DSC_1983 DSC_1929 FamFest17 DSC_2118 FamFest101 FamFest26 DSC_1717 DuckRace17 DSC_1745 DSC_1800 DSC_1718 DSC_2205 DSC_2108 FamFest81 DSC_2192 DSC_2278 FamFest110 DSC_1835 DSC_2277 DSC_1763 DSC_1741 FamFest10 DSC_2039 DSC_1775 DSC_1776 DSC_2301 FamFest09 FamFest78 DSC_1832 DSC_2074 DSC_2070 FamFest153 DSC_2014 DSC_1775 FamFest105 DSC_2236 DSC_2212 DSC_2300 DSC_2133 DSC_1980 DSC_1894 FamFest117 DSC_1919 FamFest80 DSC_2071 DSC_1794 DSC_2369 DSC_1748 DSC_2273 DSC_2272 DSC_1904 DuckRace04 DSC_2016 DSC_1929 FamFest151 DuckRace23 FamFest144 FamFest58 DSC_2091 DSC_1959 FamFest188 DSC_1891 DSC_2315 FamFest26 FamFest62 DSC_1760 DSC_1817 DSC_2026 DSC_1730 FamFest128 DSC_1849 DSC_1928 FamFest13 DSC_1999 FamFest155 DSC_1861 DSC_2184 DSC_2355 FamFest06 DSC_1734 DSC_1804 FamFest43 DSC_2075 FamFest25 DSC_1851 FamFest86 DSC_2368 DSC_1793 DSC_1935 DSC_1942 DSC_2326 FamFest92 DSC_1870 DSC_1935 DSC_2055 FamFest171 DSC_2104 DuckRace15 FamFest188 DSC_2039 FamFest125 DSC_2127 FamFest176 DSC_2279 DSC_2065 FamFest127 FamFest114 DSC_1824 DSC_2144 FamFest103 DSC_1882 DSC_2172 DSC_1761 DSC_2195 DSC_2003 DSC_2214 FamFest141 FamFest121 DSC_2329 FamFest168 DSC_2300 DSC_1770 DSC_1849 FamFest106 DSC_2282 DSC_2275 DSC_1905 DSC_2356 FamFest187 FamFest166 FamFest111 FamFest108 FamFest30 DSC_2140 DSC_1904 FamFest76 FamFest74 FamFest85 DSC_2230 DSC_1953 FamFest85 DuckRace24 FamFest118 DSC_2333 DSC_1847 DSC_1966 FamFest50 DSC_1809 DSC_2097 FamFest112 DSC_1781 FamFest23 DSC_2101 DSC_2228 FamFest105 DSC_1712 DuckRace05 FamFest10 DSC_2200 FamFest50 DSC_2028

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2018 Fam Fest 
Saturday, August 25th

About the Event

Meridian's 11th annual Fam Fest combined the Health & Fun Fair at the Suzanne Gresham Center and the Ducky Derby Race Against Child Abuse. Fam Fest raises money and awareness for the Suzanne Gresham Center, a division of Meridian Health Services that helps improve the lives of children and families through counseling, family assistance, medical care and child abuse/neglect recovery.

Suzanne Gresham Center (Morrison Mock Professional Building)
3620 W. White River Blvd. in Muncie

Presenting Partner

Fam Fest Features

Blue Ticket to Health by Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield

Select health exhibitors and screenings gave the chance to win
Colts autographed memorabilia!

The Education Stage by MDWise

Dozens of exhibitors and experts provided additional health
and safety tips from the elevated stage!

Health Hub by Managed Health Services

The area's best health and safety exhibitors were conveniently arranged so
that you could get the information quickly and efficiently while seeing our
presentations form the Education Stage.

Free Entertainment

  • The Berenstain Bears LIVE!
  • Mascot appearances
  • 3 BMX Stunt shows by Solution Action Sports
  • Music entertainment by Heaven Cansler
  • Real race cars on-site 
  • Games, prizes and inflatables
  • Food and drinks while they last
  • Health screenings and resources
  • Sports clinics in basketball, cheer, baseball, and volleyball

Meridian’s Ducky Derby is a community event focused on the awareness and prevention of child abuse. This year’s proceeds benefited the Child Advocacy Center, housed at the Suzanne Gresham Center, in providing sexual abuse prevention education in the schools and throughout the community.

A corporate giant duck race to support the Child Advocacy Center started at 10:00am just west of the Tillotson Avenue Bridge on White River.

The corporate race was followed by a "duck pluck" where your ducks could win great raffle prizes including a Bahama Cruise, a kayak, car detailing, and gift cards.

Congratulations to our 2017 Ducky Derby Winners!

1st - University Dermatology Center | 2nd - Cardinal Greenways | 3rd - Midas

Congratulations to our 2017 Costume Winners!

1st - Prime Trust | 2nd - Midas | 3rd - Coldwell Banker Lunsford

2017 Duck Pluck Winners

3-Day Cruise: Autumn Campbell
Steak for a Year: Daina Joslin
Pasta for a Year: Daniel Blankenship
Brooklawn Lawn Treatments: Shawn Montgomery
Meijer Gift Card $100: Lona Jackson
Car Detailing Donated by Toyota of Muncie: Tasya Hannon

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