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Saturday, August 25, 2018

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2018 Fam Fest 
Saturday, August 25th

About the Event

Meridian's 11th annual Fam Fest combined the Health & Fun Fair at the Suzanne Gresham Center and the Ducky Derby Race Against Child Abuse. Fam Fest raises money and awareness for the Suzanne Gresham Center, a division of Meridian Health Services that helps improve the lives of children and families through counseling, family assistance, medical care and child abuse/neglect recovery.

Suzanne Gresham Center (Morrison Mock Professional Building)
3620 W. White River Blvd. in Muncie

Presenting Partner

Fam Fest Features

Blue Ticket to Health by Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield

Select health exhibitors and screenings gave the chance to win
Colts autographed memorabilia!

The Education Stage by MDWise

Dozens of exhibitors and experts provided additional health
and safety tips from the elevated stage!

Health Hub by Managed Health Services

The area's best health and safety exhibitors were conveniently arranged so
that you could get the information quickly and efficiently while seeing our
presentations form the Education Stage.

Free Entertainment

  • The Berenstain Bears LIVE!
  • Mascots and fairytale characters
  • 3 BMX Stunt shows by Solution Action Sports
  • Music entertainment by Heaven Cansler
  • Real Sprint car race car on-site 
  • Games, prizes and inflatables
  • Food and drinks while they last
  • Health screenings and resources
  • Sports clinics in basketball, football, cheer, baseball, volleyball and Zumba

Meridian’s Ducky Derby is a community event focused on the awareness and prevention of child abuse. Proceeds benefit the Child Advocacy Center (CAC), housed at the Suzanne Gresham Center. CAC is one of only four centers in the state that has received full national accreditation by the National Children's Alliance. It is the only CAC housed within a children's treatment center, providing counseling to aid in recovery.

Over 15 corporate ducks raced down the White River in support the Child Advocacy Center during the Ducky Derby which was rescheduled for Thursday, September 27, 2018 at 5:30pm. The race was held on the Washington Street Bridge, downtown Muncie, adjacent to Tuhey Park in conjunction with the Bridge Dinner.

The duck pluck had over $3,000 in raffle prizes! Duck pluck ducks could win a Bahama Cruise for two, kid’s bike from Kirk’s Bike Shop, gift cards, and much more!

Raffle ducks could be purchased for a chance to win a children's bicycle from Kirk's Bike Shop! The Trek Precaliber 20" Kids' bike (blue) and Trek Precaliber 24" Kids' bike (white) was given away during the Duck Pluck at Meridian's Fam Fest!

Congratulations 2018 Duck Pluck Winners!

  • IHOP gift certificate - "JAWS"
  • Greeks gift certificate - Jason Brooks
  • Indianapolis Zoo tickets - Kathy Murray
  • Ball State Women's Basketball season tickets - Dustin Humm
  • Amazon gift card - Denise Ambler
  • Clancy's Carwash gift certificate - Joni Whetzel
  • Clancy's Carwash gift certificate - Beau McNally
  • iPad Pro - Brent Stiers
  • White bike from Kirk's Bike Shop - Shane Neal
  • Blue bike from Kirk's Bike Shop - Jennifer Bushnell
  • e-Keeper Promise Keeper package - Jodi Cole
  • Bahamas Cruise - Denise Ambler

Congratulations 2018 Ducky Derby Winners

  • 1st - Ryan Flannery and Chase Flannery with H&D SupeRent
  • 2nd - Evan Griner with Sursa Griner Wealth Management
  • 3rd - Jack Surface and Thomas Surface with Midas

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