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Many thanks for the generosity and support of the sponsors, organizations and individuals who helped provide a positive family fun day with wellness, education, safety resources, child development, and entertainment free of charge.

2014 Ducky Derby Prize Winners

1 Jason Brooks  
2 Sheila Bursfield  
3 Ed Womack  
4 Ed Womack  
5 Ed Womack  
6 Ben Napier  
7 Mike Tschuor  
8 Ed Womack  
9 Mark DiFabio / Sue Tschuor  
10 Mike Tschuor  
11 Josh Newsome  
12 Jeffrey Arnold  
13 Amy Fields  
14 Natalie Griffin  
15 Chris Thiessen  
16 William Stevens  
17 Olivia Neff  
18 Brent Webster  
19 Tiara Nash  
20 Vickie Mitchell  
21 Gay Nation  
22 Mikhail Leiter  
23 Sue Dalton  
24 Lacey Dewsbury  
25 William Stevens  
26 Taylor Meyer  
27 Mike Tschuor  
28 Charlie Sursa  
29 Fred Reese  
30 Jeff Shelton  
31 Jeffrey Arnold  
32 Hank Milius  
33 Mike Lunsford  
34 Brent Webster  
35 Tim McCarty  
36 Angela Beck  
37 Charlie Sursa  
38 Erica Graham  
39 Ray Conley  
40 Jason Brooks  
41 Karen Karmolinski  
42 Sheila Bursfield  
43 Michael Lemaster  
44 Keah Flanagan  
45 Lacey Dewsbury  
46 April Crouch  
47 Jeff Daniels  
48 Ed Womack  
49 Martha Smith  
50 Mike & Kari King  
51 Jena Ashby    
52 Aaron Mills  
53 Jason Brooks  
54 Lacey Dewsbury  
55 Regina Crouch  
56 Karen Karmolinski  
57 Ed Womack  
58 Jason Brooks  
59 Erica Graham  
60 Susan Maddox  
61 Linda Cook  
62 Adonica Ellis  
63 Jason Brooks  
64 Sue Dalton  
65 Angi Myers  
66 Fred Reese  
67 Pam Navarro  
68 Jason Brooks  
69 Mike Tschuor  
70 Larry Mercer  
71 Carrie Orme  
72 Julie Collins  
73 Matt Henry  
74 Leslie McWhirt  
75 William Stevens  
76 Dr. Arzu Gonulalan  
77 Andrea Bruno  
78 Trisha Shuler  
79 William Stevens  
80 Ray Conley  
81 Erica Graham  
82 Sheila Bursfield  
83 Brent Webster  
84 Tina Feola  
85 Ed Womack  
86 Keah Flanagan  
87 Vickie Mitchell  
88 Mark DiFabio / Sue Tschuor  
89 Charlie  
90 Brent Webster  
91 Mike Tschuor  
92 Stan Ross  
93 Sue Dalton  
94 Karen Karmolinski  
95 Rick Russell  
96 Teri Grimes  
97 Scott Cooper  
98 Jim McKissick  
99 Richard Stroup  
100 Brandy Johnson  
LAST PLACE Cami Barger-Jones  

About the Event

Two Events...One Great Day! Fam Fest combined the Ducky Derby Race Against Child Abuse and the Health & Fun Fair at the Suzanne Gresham Center. Fam Fest raises money and awareness for the Suzanne Gresham Center, a division of Meridian Health Services which helps improve the lives of children and families through counseling, family assistance, medical care and child abuse/neglect recovery.

  • FREE games, prizes and inflatables
  • FREE food and drinks while they last
  • FREE health and vision screenings
  • FREE live performances
  • Connect with family, health and safety resources through local organizations
  • MeridianMD, primary family medical care services for children and adults
  • FosterHope & adoption information
  • Featuring live performances from Scott Rudicel of Ruditoonz
  • Dunk Tank
  • Face & Fingernail painting
  • Live radio broadcast

Due to high water and fast currents, the Ducky Derby was postponed to September 9th.

Grand Prize: 3 Day Caribbean Cruise
Over 100 great prizes will be awarded including: a kayak, family fun prizes, gift certificates, $1000 worth of jewelry from Ashcraft Jewelers, and many more.
All kids in attendance receive a free gift.
Prizes for first 100 ducks to cross finish line.

Don't have to be present to win.

Ducky Derby proceeds benefit the Child Advocacy Center, housed at the Gresham Center, for a new state-of-the-art video system used for children to testify remotely versus testifying in the courtroom with their abuser.

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Featuring Scott Rudicel of Ruditoonz

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