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Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative

The Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative implements wraparound services which provide individualized care management for families with youths struggling with emotional and behavioral problems.

Services Include:

Family Voice and Choice

  • Identifies the emotional and psychological needs of the child and family
  • Crisis and family counseling, training and support, respite care, and habilitation.
  • Length of services based upon needs and progress

What makes Wraparound unique?

  • Determined by family
  • Driven by underlying needs
  • Supported by team process (e.g., family members, other natural supports, service providers, and agency representatives)
  • Community, strength and outcome-based

What to expect:

  • Complete a pre-screening on the phone to determine eligibility
  • If the pre-screening indicates you may be eligible, an appointment will be arranged for parent/child to meet with a therapist at Meridian Health Services to determine the level of need.
  • When determined eligible, you will meet with a Wraparound Facilitator to create your team of supports, discuss your underlying needs, develop a crisis plan, and create your plan of care. Other services may be available depending on your plan of care that may include Habilitation, Training and Support, and Respite Services.
  • If determined ineligible, linkage to additional services will be provided.

In order to confirm your eligibility or if you have any questions regarding the Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative or other Wraparound Services, simply contact our Wraparound Access number at 765-587-0135 or call toll free at 855-634-2439.

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