Residential & Independent Living

Residential & Independent Living

For adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses, Meridian’s Residential and Independent Living programming can help individuals find dignity, self-worth and independence through counseling, jobs and a place to call home.

Meridian Health Services has developed a coordinated and thorough system of treatment, outreach, case management, and residential and vocational services that is tailored to adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses. Because individuals with these illnesses typically have a variety of needs, we operate a spectrum of programs that include individual and group treatment sessions, self-directed activities, classes, and peer discussions.

Meridian operates six residential facilities in East Central Indiana. Each one is a supported group living facility for individuals diagnosed with a mental illness. Residents receive 24 hour care.

In addition, Meridian provides 24 hour care through the Sub-Acute Program, which does not involve a residential facility.

For individuals who need daily contact, Meridian Health Services operates a Specialized Community Intervention Team (SCIT) in which case managers assist clients seven days a week. SCIT is a team-based approach to providing services to people with severe mental illness. Each Meridian Health Services’ SCIT team includes a psychiatrist, a nurse who specializes in severe mental illness, a substance abuse specialist, a vocational specialist, and a clinical social worker. This team approach is a proven way to provide community-based services for adults with severe mental illness.

For those who need less contact, Meridian Health Services offers assistance that supports independence for people who live in apartments. Meridian also offers Permanent Supportive Housing, a program funded through HUD and IHCDA that is designed to provide rental subsidies and support services to individuals who are experiencing homelessness and have a qualifying disability.

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