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Meridian Health Services
Meridian Health Services1 day ago
More than 60 million women living in the U.S. have heart disease, affecting underserved communities hardest. This National Women's Health Week, take charge of your heart health! Schedule a checkup, discuss risk factors, and eat a heart healthy diet.

Learn more at: https://www.womenshealth.gov/nwhw/day-7-women-and-heart-health
Meridian Health Services
Meridian Health Services2 days ago
Every woman’s journey through reproductive health is unique. From puberty to menopause, our bodies undergo many changes and developments. Connect with your health care provider for questions or concerns. Any and all questions are encouraged.

Learn more: https://www.womenshealth.gov/nwhw/day-6-reproductive-health-from-puberty-to-menopause-and-beyond
Meridian Health Services
Meridian Health Services2 days ago
Muncie MMD and Dental is without power until at least 1:30p.
Services will continue.

Muncie MD will be seeing patients out of Muncie PEDS until the power is restored.
Muncie Dental is moving to Anderson dental to accommodate dental needs.
Meridian Health Services
Meridian Health Services3 days ago
Prioritize your well-being with routine health screenings! From mammograms to Pap smears, staying updated can catch issues early.

Learn more: https://www.womenshealth.gov/nwhw/day-5-understanding-care-is-there
Meridian Health Services
Meridian Health Services3 days ago
Meridian has several convenient locations that offer primary medical care and routine women’s health, including gynecological care. MeridianMD clinic locations near Bluffton include 303 S. Main Street in Bluffton, 2622 Lake Avenue in Fort Wayne, and 406 W. Votaw Street in Portland.

Please visit our website for details on the closure of Meridian Women’s Health in collaboration with Lutheran Health Physicians and how we can help in this transition. https://www.meridianhs.org/2024/05/bluffton-womens-health-clinic-to-close-in-june/
Meridian Health Services
Meridian Health Services4 days ago
Meridian Health Services and Lutheran Health Physicians want to inform you that the Meridian Women’s Health clinic located at 1026 S. Main Street in Bluffton will be closing and the last day for patient appointments will be June 28, 2024. With the announced closure of the Labor & Delivery Unit at Bluffton Regional Hospital occurring on May 23, 2024, this created a difficult decision that Lutheran Health Physicians and Meridian Health Services unfortunately had to make since services for women’s health would be affected by it.
Your health care is very important to us and together we will work with you to help transition your care to a new provider of your choice to ensure your needs are met after the closure date along with the departure of Dr. Jonathan Larsen from Lutheran Health Physicians.
Patients of this practice will receive a letter in the mail from Meridian Health Services to help aid in this transition to ensure your healthcare needs are met. If you currently have an appointment scheduled prior to June 28th, you will not see a disruption in your care, and new appointments can still be scheduled prior to then.

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