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Meridian Health Services1 day ago
In Muncie, the Suzanne Gresham Center offers a wide array of programs and collaborates with other community entities to assist families and children facing issues such as abuse, neglect, substance use, behavioral issues and social challenges. These services also assist children with emotional or psychological needs and foster care placement.

Meridian Health Services provides complete treatment services for East Central Indiana’s children and their families. The Suzanne Gresham Center programs include family-centered services, intensive family preservation and reunification services, and school-based services.

Meridian works closely with other entities in the community including schools, physicians, the juvenile justice system and state agencies. Services range from outpatient individual, family and group therapy to home-based services which are geared to keeping at-risk families together or reunifying them. In addition, Meridian has a System of Care Program that coordinates both natural and agency supports in the community for families so that their children are able to stay at home and thrive.

Integrated programs for families and children in other Meridian locations also include:
• Meridian Health Pediatrics
• MeridianMD (primary family medical care)
• Meridian Dental
• Family-Centered Services (Home, community and school-based services)
• Counseling
• Psychiatric Services
• Intensive Wraparound Services
• Emergency Services
• FosterHope

Meridian Suzanne Gresham Center
Supportive Care for Children & Families
3620 W. White River Blvd.
Muncie, IN

To schedule your appointment today call 866-306-2647 or visit https://www.meridianhs.org/social/child-advocacy-center/.
Meridian Health Services
Meridian Health Services2 days ago
Indiana’s child abuse rate is 2x higher than the national average.
Five children die from abuse every month in Indiana.
Indiana’s child poverty rate is 16 percent (2021), up nearly 8 percent from the prior year, according to the Indiana Youth Institute’s Kids Count® Data Book.
These numbers are horrifying to read, but what can you do? We encourage you to educate and advocate for our most vulnerable population. If you believe that a child is experiencing maltreatment call 911 or the Indiana Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-800-5556.
Meridian is here to offer services to prevent child abuse and to aid those who experience it.
Meridian Health Services
Meridian Health Services1 week ago
"We Have a Voice" to Stop It!

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.

One of the blessings of living in this community is that we have a Child Advocacy Center (CAC) that provides a neutral, child-friendly center for investigations of alleged child abuse. It brings together law enforcement, prosecution, child protective services, victim advocates, medical and mental health to conduct one interview — reducing the stress for a child and providing comfort and security, while increasing rates of prosecution.

Meridian Services’ CAC is also the only nationally accredited center in Indiana that is housed within a behavioral health center adding a greater benefit to children and families because of the integration of counseling to help them thrive and end the cycle of abuse.

Since 2006 when Meridian helped spearhead the development of the area’s only CAC, the rate of abuse cases accepted for prosecution has nearly tripled in just the first 5 years after its inception; from 27% to nearly 80%.

But it’s not enough. Won’t you help stop the abuse by helping fund the Child Advocacy Center.

- End the suffering.
- Heal the victims.
- And find justice.

Don’t be silent. Protect our kids. It’s on all of us. Call (800) 800-5556 for the Child Abuse Hotline.

What is the Child Advocacy Center?

The Meridian Services Child Advocacy Center, located in the Suzanne Gresham Center, offers interviews and investigations of children who have experienced abuse. The environment was designed with the child’s comfort and well-being as a top priority. The CAC allows the community law enforcement and legal teams to pursue reports of child abuse more effectively. Most importantly, the CAC at the Gresham Center is a caring and healing environment for a victim of child abuse.

Learn more: https://www.meridianhs.org/social/child-advocacy-center/abuse/
Meridian Health Services
Meridian Health Services1 week ago
Children within our communities, or we know personally could be experiencing maltreatment without us knowing. What are some signs we can watch for and what can we do to prevent it?
Abuse may be occurring if a child…
Shows sudden changes in behavior or school performance

Has not received help for physical or medical problems brought to the parents’ attention

Seems to always lack adult supervision

If you notice any of these signs of abuse or believe abuse may be occurring, please call 911 in an emergency or call the Indiana Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-800-5556.

To learn more about how to spot and prevent child abuse visit:
Meridian Health Services
Meridian Health Services2 weeks ago
The #eclipse is TODAY!!

It will roll through Howard County approximately 1:45 pm - 4:30 pm, depending on your location.

Hope you got your glasses! If not, DO NOT look at it, even through regular sunglasses or your phone camera - IT'S NOT SAFE!!!

To learn more about the amazing #SolarEclipse, visit https://buff.ly/3qZ8xK4.

¡¡El #eclipse es HOY!!

Pasará por el condado de Howard aproximadamente entre las 1:45 p. m. y las 4:30 p. m., dependiendo de su ubicación.

¡Espero que tengas tus gafas! Si no, NO lo mires, ni siquiera a través de gafas de sol normales o la cámara de tu teléfono. ¡¡¡NO ES SEGURO!!!

Para obtener más información sobre el increíble #SolarEclipse, visita https://ciencia.nasa.gov/seguridad-eclipse-anular.
Meridian Health Services
Meridian Health Services2 weeks ago
Don’t get stranded on April 8th unprepared! Plan now to avoid the worst of the post-eclipse traffic. Up to 600,000 extra people will be in Indiana and they’ll probably all try to leave right when the totality ends.

Employers, think about allowing staff who can to work from home to ease congestion on the roads.


¡No te quedes varado el 8 de abril sin estar preparado! Planifique ahora para evitar lo peor del tráfico posterior al eclipse. Millones de personas estarán en Indiana y probablemente todos intentarán irse justo cuando termine la totalidad.

Empleadores, piensen en permitir que el personal que pueda trabaje desde casa para aliviar la congestión en las carreteras.

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