a spectrum of primary care

Physical Health Services

Primary Medical Care

We believe in “whole-person” health! This holistic approach to healthcare allows our board-certified physicians, practitioners and providers to work together for the total well-being of their patients! Our doctors, nurses, therapists and counselors specializing in primary medical care for families and children—provide a true medical home, where all treatments and medications are coordinated seamlessly. With […]

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Internal Medicine

MeridianMD—Internal Medicine in Bluffton is for adults with multisystem disease conditions in need of medical care, treatment of chronic medical conditions, illness visits, and wellness assessments. Meridian focuses on “whole-person” health with the integration of the body and the mind. Our physicians and practitioners work together to provide exceptional care. Internal medicine services include: Routine […]

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A Pharmacy Dedicated to You. As part of our continued efforts to provide our patients with a true “medical home,” we now offer Meridian Health Rx, a pharmacy dedicated to our patients. Meridian Health Rx is designed to enhance your care and help you achieve the best health outcomes.   Our pharmacists play an important role […]

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Pediatric Health

With Meridian’s integrated approach to healthcare, collaboration is key—we offer parents a convenient, “whole-person” health home with exceptional physical, mental and social healthcare services by a team of professionals focused on the total well-being of children. Currently accepting new patients in all locations! The Meridian Pediatric Health teams specializing in the care of children and […]

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Dental Health

Your oral health is a vital part of your general health. Untreated dental diseases can contribute to serious health problems, including heart disease and diabetes. Regular checkups and professional care are the keys to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Dental and Oral Health Services Our team of dedicated dental professionals strive to make the dental […]

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School Clinics

School-based health clinics are a collaborative partnership with Meridian Health Services and community schools expanding Meridian’s mission of “whole-person” health integrating physical, mental, and social well-being in a convenient health center located within the schools In addition to services provided to students by the school nurse, this partnership provides primary medical care, behavioral and social […]

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Women’s Health

We offer comprehensive and compassionate health care for women in all stages of life, providing the expertise and resources as a medical home for “whole-person” health.  We believe in individualized care with all treatments tailored to the wants and needs of each patient. Women’s Health services encompasses all your needs including routine gynecological exams, prenatal […]

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Physical Health Locations