What Makes Us Different

Health Care Integration

What is “Whole-Person” Health?

Meridian Health Services recognizes the importance of creating the right harmonies in healthcare. So what does it mean when applied to the field of medicine? Meridian believes it means the future of healthcare.

We often hear about the connection between body and mind. But what if a healthcare provider integrated the two — not treating one without the other. Understanding the synchronicity of the body and mind? What if they were in concert?

The body would achieve a harmony for better healing and recovery.

That’s exactly how Meridian Health Services treats the people it sees. Not as separate ‘parts’ to be examined individually, but rather as a combination of interdependent elements that work together in harmony. Treating both the body and mind for total well-being. This provides patients a true “medical home” where treatments, medications, doctors and social workers are coordinated seamlessly to address the full spectrum of health.

Surrounding people with coordinated care that integrates physical, mental and social well-being creates a synergy of health services for happier, healthier patients.