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Meridian Health Services’ goal is to provide access to our system quickly, efficiently, and conveniently. Our aim is to see that individuals enter the proper program with a qualified provider on a timely basis.


Before services can begin, an individual will be asked to supply important information such as address, telephone number, birth date and financial information including income and insurance coverage. Individuals may be asked to provide proof of income through a paycheck stub or other means and applicable insurance information.

Individuals will also be asked about their reasons for seeking help. These questions are designed to help us design the most effective treatment.

If the individual’s need is urgent or an emergency situation, a clinician may be seen immediately and registration and other pretreatment procedures will be completed when appropriate.


Maintaining an appointment schedule is important to the care of all our patients. To better serve our patients, Meridian Health Services’ staff requires a minimum of 24-hours notice to cancel an appointment. Failure to do so will result in a missed visit charge.

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