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Child Advocacy Center

The Suzanne Gresham Center in Muncie is Meridian Health Services' home for children and family treatment. It is also the site of the Child Advocacy Center, a safe and healing environment for children who have experienced abuse.

At the CAC, interviews and investigations of child abuse are conducted with sensitivity and compassion. Each child who comes to the CAC receives support from a multi-disciplinary team which is comprised of individuals who represent:

  • Law enforcement
  • Prosecution
  • Legal teams
  • Child protective services
  • Victim advocates
  • Medical care 
  • Mental health

The multi-disciplinary team is able to pursue reports of child abuse more effectively and efficiently, resulting in higher prosecution rates.

In fact, since the opening of the CAC more than 10 years ago, cases accepted for prosecution have tripled from 27% to now around 80%.

At this time, the CAC is one of only four centers in the state that has received full national accreditation by the National Children's Alliance. It is the only CAC housed within a children's treatment center, providing counseling to aid in recovery.

Confinement, battery case

Meridian Health Services was included on a story that aired on WISH TV about child abuse and featured an interview about our Child Advocacy Center with Gerry Cyranowski. 

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Child Advocacy Open House

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