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Supported Employment

What is Supported Employment?

The Supported Employment program provides competitive work opportunities in a integrated work setting. Our services include:

  • Job Rediness
  • Job Coaching
  • Job Retention

An individual may participate in all, or some of these services, since the program is designed to fit each individual's particular needs.

The program is committed to helping individuals shift from a dependence on state and federal assistance to a more independent and socially integrated job market. We help local employers meet staffing needs with qualified and motivated workers.

The Process

  1. Referral from Vocational Rehabilitation, our state agent funding service
  2. Orientation to the Supported Employment program
  3. Assessment of experiences and interests with employment Specialist
  4. Learning job seeking skills such as application process, resume development, interviewing skills, etc.
  5. Search for job with or without assistance from Employment Specialist
  6. Engage in employment opportunities
  7. If desired, learn job with assistance from an Employment Specialist helping to address job duties, methods of training and co-worker relations
  8. Employment Specialist is available for any employer-employee issues
  9. If needed follow-up services will be made available to provide long-term support

Our Goal

The goal of the Supported Employment program is to facilitate equal employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities through:

  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Empowerment

To develop a successful experience at the workplace, Meridian Health Services' supported Employment program serves both the employer looking for a dependable employee and the individual seeking employment.

Employee Assistance

Professional consultation services are offered to employers who have discovered that an employee assistance program is an ideal way to identify and assist their employees while improving performance and the company’s bottom line. Plans can be tailored to meet the needs of the company.

Employment Specialist

The employment Specialist is an employee of Meridian Health Services who assists in the supported employment process. During the job search and training process, an individual will be supported by an Employment Specialist who will assess employment strengths and help identify the best job opportunities.

Once the job begins, the individual will learn new skills with the help of the Employment Specialist. As the job responsibilities become easier, the individual will decide when it is time to work independently.


The Supported Employment program is available in Delaware, Jay, Randolph and Wayne Counties. 

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