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Addiction and Recovery

Individuals experiencing abuse or addiction associated with alcohol, drugs or tobacco can find treatment and support at Meridian Health Services. Depending on the severity of the abuse or addiction, a number of treatment options are available including:

Intensive Outpatient Program and Aftercare

Meridian Health Services’ Intensive Outpatient Program combines intensive addictions treatment with an 8-12 week aftercare program for accelerated recovery. To find out if Meridian runs an Intensive Outpatient Program near you, call 866-306-2647.

Addictions & Recovery Center

The Addictions & Recovery Center [ARC] provides two levels of care, residential detoxification and residential treatment. Residential detoxification lasts approximately 3-5 days. Residential treatment follows, providing clients the required structured support for recovery. Clients are treated through whole-person health. That treatment includes behavioral therapy, intensive rehabilitation, wellness education and post-treatment support. Residential treatment is based on individual needs but typically lasts nearly 30 days. 

ARC has two locations:

416 Grove Rd.
Richmond, IN 47374
Phone: 765-373-8704

2900 N. River Rd.
West Lafayette, IN 47906
Phone: 765-337-8855

Learn more about Additions & Recovery Center

Maternal Treatment Program

Meridian’s Maternal Treatment Program is an outpatient treatment program that provides care and support to drug-addicted mothers and their newborn babies born suffering from withdrawal. The program’s services are designed to use whole-person health methods to prevent, educate, treat and provide community support for its patients. This helps change lifestyles of mothers in crisis, which in turn improves the outcomes for children born into addiction.

Meridian’s Maternal Treatment Program Locations:

Suzanne Gresham Center
3620 W. White River Blvd.
Muncie, IN 47304

1547 Ohio Ave.
Anderson, IN 46016

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Women's Recovery Home

Meridian Women’s Recovery Home in Muncie is a group home providing a solid foundation for women struggling with substance use disorder and seeking recovery.

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Other Services

  • Primary medical care through MeridianMD
  • Medication-assisted treatment through Vivitrol or Suboxone
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Medication management
  • Addictions education

Call Meridian Health Services at 866-306-2647 to learn how to be free from the addictions in your life.

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