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For those individuals who suffer from acute symptoms of mental illness, Meridian Health Services’ Community Support program can provide six areas of support:

  • Identifying and working toward reducing symptoms
  • Functioning and living more productively in the community
  • Developing skills to manage illness
  • Achieving the level of independence that is possible given the severity of the mental illness
  • Identifying ways to become medically compliant
  • Developing and improving cognitive and social skills

Meridian School Clinics

School-based health clinics are a collaborative partnership with Meridian Health Services and community schools expanding Meridian’s mission of “whole-person” health integrating physical, mental, and social well-being in a convenient health center located within the schools.

In addition to services provided to students by the school nurse, this partnership provides primary medical care, behavioral and social healthcare services to students and their families as well as the general public.

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