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Social Health

Not only does Meridian’s spectrum of services connect medical and behavioral health, but also delivers programs focused on social health and human services like independent living support, job skills training, foster care for special needs children, to counseling and support services for victims of child abuse. We help individuals and families in need help themselves lead safer, healthier, more independent and productive lives.


Continuing Care

Meridian Health Services provides care for adults through a coordinated and thorough system of treatment, outreach, case management, and residential and vocational services that is tailored to the individual.

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Case Management Services

Individuals work with trained professionals who become the helpers, service brokers and advocates to help families and clients navigate the system to meet their needs and receive appropriate services. 

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Child Advocacy Center

The Gresham Center offers a  reginoal Child Advocacy Center (CAC) where interview and investigations of children who have experienced abuse can be conducted.

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Foster Hope Program

A specialized foster care program and private adoption program are available for children who are in need of emotional or mental health supports.

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Supported Employment

With the assistance of an employment specialist, adults can acquire the skills necessary to gain and maintain employment in the community.

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HIV Care

Meridian Health Services assists adults living with HIV/AIDS to gain access to health and social services while retaining confidentiality, respecting cultural diversity and ensuring self-determination.

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