Bill Payments


Many healthcare insurance plans pay for all or part of the services provided by Meridian Health Services. Medicaid and Medicare are also accepted. The fee for each service that Meridian Health Services provides is based solely on the cost of the service. We recognize that families vary greatly in their ability to pay. If needed, payment arrangements can be made with our business office.

Billing statements are sent out monthly. Statements list the services rendered and payments received through the previous month. Out-of-pocket payments are due at the time services are provided and are held as credit until payment is received from insurance providers.

Call 765-741-0306 to reach Meridian Services’ billing line. It is available 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, to answer billing questions.


Our standard policy requires payment and co-payments at the time services are provided. If you have Medicare, Medicaid or individual/company health insurance, we will submit claims to these third-party sources when proper forms are on file at our business office.

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