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Ducky Derby at the Muncie Bridge Dinner

Attendees of the Muncie Bridge Dinner on the Washington Street bridge enjoyed local food vendors, live music from the Muncie Central Jazz Band and the Ball State School of Music as well as a bird’s eye view of the Duck Derby race which raised funds for Meridian Health Services Thursday evening.

A Company Offers Drug Treatment And A Job To Addicted Applicants

It can be hard for employers to find workers to fill open jobs these days. It gets even tougher when applicants flunk drug tests. One factory in Indiana is taking a novel approach to deal with both problems. It now offers drug treatment paid for by the company to any applicant who fails drug screening. Those who complete drug treatment are promised a job. NPR’s Yuki Noguchi reports.

Fundraising, dancing (and a live goat!) at Meridian’s Rialzo IX

It was evident the opioid crisis hits close to home for many local residents as a group of 1,000 echoing voices within the Horizon Convention Center quickly fell silent Saturday night.

Rialzo IX: 8 things to expect at Meridian Health Services’ charity gala

We’re edging closer and closer to Rialzo, and a selected group of guests got a sneak peek of what the annual charity gala will entail.

Meridian’s Rialzo 2018 Theme Announced

Meridian Health Services’ Rialzo, its annual charity gala, will have a distinctively magical feel this year designed to focus on the new Maternal Treatment Program.

And the theme of Meridian’s 2018 Rialzo charity gala is…

We know the dress colors. We know the cause. And after a press conference Wednesday, we know what theme and band Meridian Health Services has chosen for its ninth annual Rialzo charity gala.

Meridian announces dress colors, cause for Rialzo 2018

Those planning to attend Meridian Health Services’ ninth annual Rialzo charity gala can go ahead and start looking for their evening attire.

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Meridian Health Services awarded money from The Ryan White Fund for HIV program

Meridian Health Services has been awarded $100,000 in supplemental funds from The Ryan White Fund for its growing HIV program.

Addicted mothers, babies get help with Rialzo VIII funds

It must have been an uncomfortable question Hank Milius, president and CEO of Meridian Health Services was asked: “What are we doing with addicted babies?” The answer, he said, was nothing. That was several years ago, and the person asking the question was his wife, Terri.