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Meridian treated invited guests to a luncheon and a full day of fun on the course as a sincere “Thank You” to corporate partners and individual donors who have invested in Meridian’s events and programs in the past year. Delaware Country Club was welcomed into the GOLD SOCIETY of Corporate Partnership, over $50,000 in cumulative support, while Scherrer Construction entered into the SILVER SOCIETY with over $25,000 in support. Midwest Metals, Sight and Sound Productions, eKeeper Systems, Options Health and Magna joined the ranks of the BRONZE SOCIETY, celebrating over $10,000 of support. New members were welcomed to the Presidents Society of individuals giving $1,000 or more annually to Meridian.

Winners were announced for the following:

1st place
Coldwell Banker Lunsford Team
Mike Lunsford
Rick Kelly
Lucas Manor
Steve Slavin

2nd Place
Warner Supply Team
Shane Stevenson
Derek Moore
Tony Tranquill
Joe McCullaugh

3rd Place
Steve Moore
Kevin Eckerty
Ryan Kelly
Nate Vannatter

Longest Drive
Hole #5
– Lucas Manor
Hole #13 – Derek Moore

Closest to the Pin
Hole #6
– Steve Slavin
Hole #8 – Ashley Smithers
Hole #14 – Derek Black
Hole #16 – Steve Kern

Longest Putt Made
Hole #3
– Joe McCullaugh
Hole #9 – Don Gullion
Hole #10 – Billy Vance
Hole #17 – Rick Kelly

Closest to the Line
Hole #1
– Steve Smith
Hole #4 – Shane Stevenson

Closest to the Duck
Hole #15
– Chris Bowles

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