Town Hall Road Show

Town Hall Road Show

In 2018 the Alliance for a Healthier Indiana aims to raise awareness of Indiana’s poor health rankings and share ideas about ways to work together to improve Hoosier health. To accomplish these goals they embarked on the State of Our Health Town Hall Road Show.

Alliance for a Healthier Indiana Town Hall Road Show, Muncie, IN
L-R, Front row: Sue Errington, Tim Lanane, Hank Milius, Katie Kincaid, Terri Austin, Dr. Cynthia Meneghini
L-R, Back row: Brian Tabor, Rhonda Wilson, Rick Rowray, Bryan Ayars, Mayor Dennis Tyler, Dr. Jeff Bird, Jane Ellery, John Disher

The Alliance has stated, “Improving Indiana’s health won’t happen overnight, it will take a concerted and collaborative effort.” Through the road show, health care leaders, employers, policymakers, educators, funders, and community leaders are growing grassroots support for better health and sharing ideas about ways to work together at the local and statewide level.

The Alliance is a group of healthcare professionals, advocates and community and business leaders committed to making Indiana a healthier place to live and work.

Meridian Health Services was one of the top sponsors for the Town Hall Road Show’s held in Connersville, Ft. Wayne, Lafayette, Muncie, and Richmond. Focused on four key health issues the State of Indiana communities face—Tobacco use, opioid abuse, infant mortality, and obesity, each presenter highlighted astounding statistics and opened discussions for integrated ways to overcome these problems.

L-R, Front Row: Heather Wierzbinski-Cross, Patrick Ripberger, Dave Snow, Gerry Cyranowski, Lisa Suttle, Leah Tate;
L-R, Back Row: Rebecca Keen, Craig Kinyon, Chad Bolser, Charlie Greer

Meridian’s mission for whole-person health, and wrap around services that are provided allow a multitude of opportunities to overcome these focal issues. Licensed and trained medical, and counseling staff at Richmond and Lafayette’s Addictions Recovery Centers provide residential and out-patient addictions treatment and therapies. The Maternal Treatment Program provides treatment counseling for pregnant mothers addicted to drugs so their newborn children suffer lesser residual effects from the mother’s addiction. These are just a few of the many target treatment facilities and programs available through Meridian Health Services.

Better health and wellness isn’t just about a single issue, it’s about the whole-person, and entire communities. Meridian Health Services collaborates and partners with hospitals, wellness facilities, and other health organizations to assure quality services are available statewide.