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INARF Conference 2014

Thanks for joining us this year! Look for more information soon for next year's conference in March 2015!

Where industry professionals connect with peers, resources and information to enhance quality services for people with disabilities.

On March 12 - 14, the 2014 INARF Pre-Conference and Annual Conference will welcome over 500 attendees from around the state of Indiana seeking professional development, networking, and the opportunity to gain knowledge of products and services available to assist them in providing support to individuals with developmental disabilities.

For 40 years, INARF has brought together Hoosier providers who strive to provide innovative and effective services for persons with disabilities. This year, we celebrate our Ruby Anniversary, recognizing the members whose contributions have made INARF what it is today. After four decades of growth and influence, INARF is 77 institutional members and 44 associate members strong.

INARF’s success was built over time through the contributions and support of our members and those organizations who invest in our various conferences and meetings. Our members, sponsors and exhibitors have helped us grow throughout the years, and are truly a part of the INARF family. Your support and participation are integral to our success and greatly appreciated!

Another key factor in INARF's success is its strong relationship with partner organizations. As with the 2013 Annual Conference, INARF will be partnering with Meridian Health Services to offer a dedicated educational track featuring dual-diagnosis issues. Meridian Health Services will also have a booth in the exhibit hall to highlight their success with persons who are dually diagnosed.

Click here to download the conference program.

Meridian Health Services is excited to be a part of this event as a Conference Partner.


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