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An Annual Event!
Meridian Health Services’ City Fit is an event that promotes whole-person health in the city of Richmond, Ind. The purpose of a whole-person health approach is to provide our community with all of the resources needed to live a healthy life. This is accomplished by providing the best physical, mental and social care we can. Richmond is rich in resources, and City Fit is an opportunity to bring them all together in partnership. By doing so, we can better take care of our families, friends, neighbors and overall community. 

2018 City Fit events included a Color Run, Zumba classes, KID’S ZONE, and much more! Classes were free to all, allowing participants to get a taste of what a fitness class is like without the pressure or expense of a gym. Local agencies also provide information on healthy opportunities within the community. Vendor booth areas featured local hospitals, mental health centers, chiropractors, herbal healers, gardening groups and more. Participants received free massages, healthy snacks and water bottles.

For more information about City Fit, contact Patrick Ripberger at

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